Smoothie bowls inspiration

When it comes to breakfast and I fancy for something sweet there are two things that I would never ever get bored with. Smoothie bowls and protein pancakes. They are not just super delicious and healthy with a great nutrition content, but also hundreds of way to be creative and show up some talent :)... Continue Reading →

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Back from summer

I had a long break writing on this blog. For many reasons, such as school exams, holiday and honestly I have been so busy and had no time. Now I'm trying to manage all the post I've been sharing on Instagram and place here with advice and recipes or just recommendations. I had an amazing... Continue Reading →

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Healthy Raffaello

Easy to make, you just need time to cool it down. You have to mix the ingredients, make a ball and put an almond in the middle. Ingredients: Desiccated Coconut (a lot) Agave syrup (or anything to replace sugar) Cinnamon Coconut milk I was trying to follow the recipe what I found on the internet,... Continue Reading →

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Hello everyone, My name is Heni and I'm living in Edinburgh. The reason behind of this blog is to help and give advice for other people about how to be healthy and motivated. Probably the other main reason is to motivate myself and see how many things I've done to became satisfied with myself....and how many... Continue Reading →

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Green bowl of Goodies

Ingredients for the base: Oat 1 small Banana 1 small avocado 2 teaspoons of green matcha powder Half kiwi For the top: Fresh blueberries, kiwi and cranberry with a hint of coconut. Incredible taste and energy boost. I went to the gym after I ate it and I had so much power to finish with... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween

Most people dress up for Halloween, I dress up my food.  For decoration I don't spend more than 10 minutes, believe it or not, I simply enjoy making something special every day. You only need the ingredients and a smoothie maker. Ingredients for the base: Baked Butternut squash and pumpkin around 40g Oats (depends on... Continue Reading →

Camembert with salad

I am a big cheese lover and so far the best cheese I could find is from Lidl. I love to make when I have not much time to prepare a lunch. With a simple salad topped with olives, sundried tomatoes and fresh tomatoes. There is no a recipe for that, but it is a... Continue Reading →

Simpliest Side Salad

Ingredients: Avocado Cucumber Tomato Chilli flakes Lemon Black pepper Himalaya Salt Mixed salad leaves When I am tired of pasta, rice and just want to have an easy meal I make this salad. As itself is good as well when you want something fresh and not heavy. Avocado has a good fat what will give... Continue Reading →

Sweet potato Brownie

Basically, it is my new favourite dessert. So easy to make with an amazing creamy texture and taste. Highly recommended to try and the best thing it is sugar-free and no flour added. Ingredients:  Sweet potato ( like 500g, bake and smash it) Any nut butter (I used cashew and peanut) Dark Cacao powder Cinnamon Nutmeg... Continue Reading →

Shopping List

Many times I promise to myself to make a shopping list, prepare food plan for a week and keep myself stick to it. Never happen and probably never will. So usually I just go and buy a lot of vegetables and fruits, some fish and chicken. And the essentials: Eggs, cheese, yogurt, some sort of... Continue Reading →

Colourful Chicken Salad

With the salad it is the best thing that you can make thousand and thousands kind of variety. I like to put into my bowl something unexpected like pomegranate and clementine this time. Always something crunchy like cucumber. Not just satisfying my taste but also my eyes. Eating food that looks good make me feel... Continue Reading →

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