Breakfast Bowl

Honestly it took me time to became a fan of them. They looks beautiful, but the taste was strange for me…yeah..usually I had for breakfast eggs with toast,bacon..and toast again with a lot of butter. But is time for the changes. I always use 0% yogurt, and 30g cereal (usually the Kellogg’s Nourish one). That’s the base. After you can put fruits in it, but just carefully how much. And for me the best way to get energy, if I top them with some chia seeds and peanut butter. I try to avoid even the honey as much as I can, but if you need feel free to put in a little bit. It also depends on your goal, what do you do and want from yourself. I’m the person who can’t follow any diet..I just too lazy to weigh up everything and mostly I don’t have time for it. But I try to educate myself about which foods are contains what, and try to find my own way to lose weight and be healthy.


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