Protein pancake 2

capture-20170113-152655  I love pancakes, all of them, no matter what type.. And luckily you can make it so easily in so many different ways. The most important thing is which kind of sugar,flour and milk you use. Instead of full fat milk, use almond milk or coconut, rice milk. The flour can be replaced by coconut flour for a good taste. And use coconut oil for baking. Or you can order a protein pancake mix from my protein as I did. The best thing is that you can put almost anything on it what is healthy. On the picture I put cottage cheese,honey,blackberry,strawberry and dark chocolate.  Do not expect the same taste as the normal pancake. Otherwise more likely you will be upset… Think about that your body will say thank you, and the switch for the healthier version might be hard, but couple of time later, it will me one of your favorite breakfast.


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