Three things you need in your kitchen


Agave syrup

Raw Chia Seeds

Coconut oil

I already bought them, even before I started to change my lifestyle. The agave syrup taste a bit different than the normal sugar, but it still has a really good taste. I replaced the sugar with this, but it is a bit expensive, so for example for teas or morning bowls I use organic honey.  I still use olive oil for most of the things (i try to avoid any kind of oil as much as I can), but for example for healthy snacks or pancakes,waffles is the best and healthiest thing.  About the chia seeds, I already write down some interesting facts (chia pudding post). In summary, it is a great sources of energy with a high protein and omega 3. You can use it in so many way, but also a little bit expensive, but you don’t need a lot from it 🙂


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