Goodby February

Tomorrow is already March, I can’t believe it. I still doing great, keep going to the gym every week 5 times or 4 if it is a very busy one. My strength slowly improving, like I’m able to do 1min plank (usually between 45 second and 1 minute), uphold and bridge over a minute. Only 4 months left till our summer holiday and at the moment it feels like not enough time to get the perfect outlook, but 4 month is a lot. Last Sunday was the second time I was able to run 5km what gave me a massive satisfaction and proudness.


The dieting going well apart from last week when I lost control and ate a full pizza all by myself, but it was amazing. I am very strict with myself but in the same time, I do believe in one treatment weekly. Motivation, motivation, motivation. I can’t be enough thankful to all the people around me, who’s supports and advice me. Keep going and work hard, the result will be amazing. Never give up. Every day wake up a better of you.


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