About low carb diet

First of all, I’m really pleased and happy for the fact that people around me ask about my opinion how to change their lifestyle and how to eat well. I’m NOT an expert, I never study nutrition or take any course. Only by the internet and my own experience that helped me to lose a bit of weight, feel myself better and healthier. So here we go, I’m writing this “article” about what I had experienced and I hope it will be useful for you too.

In the beginning, I focused only on eating healthy, being in the gym and not care about the amount of fat, carbs as I thought “they are healthy fats, carbs I can eat them”. Wrong, if you wanna lose weight, you have to watch them and also the time when you eat what. I use to eat smoothie bowls for breakfast with oats, fruits, seeds, coconut/almond/rice milk. It is perfectly right, for someone who wants to maintain their body weight, but NOT for those who want to lose weight. Also, the fruits have natural sugar what also put your blood sugar level high and later you can starve for more food. In my experience, since I eat smoothie bowls only in the afternoon or for lunch the result are different. The second really important thing is to know the fat is not your enemy (healthy fat), but the carbs..you can check online how much carbs you need according to your body type if you want to lose weight. I try not to take more than 100g per day, usually, I’m around 80-90g. In the morning, I more focused on the protein, healthy fat to get some energy for the day. Unfortunately, I had to reduce my fruits in taking (natural sugar), instead of honey or another high carb sweetener I use erythritol (0Kcal). I eat more salad, chicken, and fish with various spices and ingredients ( see my recipes).  You have to be careful with vegetables as well, forget about corn! The easiest way to see how much carbs inside the things if you download an application for your phone, or just type it in Google. Your carbs intake depends on how much weight you want to lose, how many times you do exercise and the type of your job. Do not start with radical change, give time for your body to catch up and get used to it. Reducing carbs and avoid sugar will make you satisfy shortly, but do not expect massive changes during one week. Be patient, work hard, diet well! I hope you enjoyed and helped you a little bit. Thank you 🙂




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