Happy Halloween

Most people dress up for Halloween, I dress up my food.Ā  For decoration I don't spend more than 10 minutes, believe it or not, I simply enjoy making something special every day. You only need the ingredients and a smoothie maker. Ingredients for the base: Baked Butternut squash and pumpkin around 40g Oats (depends on... Continue Reading →


Chocolate coconut Oat Bowl

One of my favorite breakfast, I think it is in the third place. Very simple to make and the taste is super delicious. Guarantee it will keep you going and you will wish to eat it every morning. šŸ™‚ Ingredients for the base: 1 banana Half cup of oats (can be a bit more than... Continue Reading →

Peanut breakfast bowl

So tasty, full of fiber and protein with organic ingredients. Highly recommended to try out! Ingredients for the base: 2 teaspoon of peanutĀ butter (if you're not decorating with it, you can put more, otherwise it will be really heavy) 1 banana Almond/Cashew/ Oat milk LittleĀ bit! of dark chocolate/chocolate powder Almonds Hint of cinnamon 1 teaspoon... Continue Reading →

Black Forest

Ingredients for the base: Dark chocolate (chili flavor) 1 Banana Oats Frozen Cherry Chia seeds Almonds Almond milk (just a little bit) Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy the taste. I put just a couple of cherries into the base, mostly I topped the smoothie bowl with it. Also added some pumpkin seed, dark... Continue Reading →

No flour, no sugar Muffins

Extremely easy to make, seriously taste amazing and NO added sugar and flour. I always seek to try new recipes or create something delicious to support my healthy lifestyle.These muffins became my number one dessert or breakfast. It can be both as it keeps you full because of the oat and satisfies you for a... Continue Reading →

Pinky Oat Pancake

Ingredients for the pancake: Half cup of oats (needs to ground it) 1 Banana 1 Egg Almond milk (only to support the blending process, so don't use much) You only have to mix and blend all the ingredients then fry it in coconut oil. It will be just a couple of small pancake, but trust... Continue Reading →

Little mermaid

Ingredients: 1 banana Handful of blueberries 1 tsp Spirulina Handful of oats 1 tsp chia seed Goji berries That was the first time I used Spirulina. It is a blue-green algae, organic superfood powder. High in protein, magnesium, and iron. Also a source of fiber and give amazing color for your smoothie (color depends on... Continue Reading →


Ingredients: 3-4 Strawberry 1 large peach 1 banana Half cup of coconut/almond/oat milk Hint of coconut 1 teaspoon of Chia seeds Oats If it's your breakfast I would recommend using a half cup of oats. It will keep you full longer. Enjoy šŸ™‚

My English breakfast

I'm a massive fan of English breakfast. There was a time when I eat almost every week like twice, of course with extra toasties and butter. Since January I change my meals for healthier options and less fat, sugar carbs. Not 100% strict diet, but working for me with cheat meals (well I also workout... Continue Reading →

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