Shopping List

Many times I promise to myself to make a shopping list, prepare food plan for a week and keep myself stick to it. Never happen and probably never will. So usually I just go and buy a lot of vegetables and fruits, some fish and chicken. And the essentials: Eggs, cheese, yogurt, some sort of... Continue Reading →


Back from summer

I had a long break writing on this blog. For many reasons, such as school exams, holiday and honestly I have been so busy and had no time. Now I'm trying to manage all the post I've been sharing on Instagram and place here with advice and recipes or just recommendations. I had an amazing... Continue Reading →

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About low carb diet

First of all, I'm really pleased and happy for the fact that people around me ask about my opinion how to change their lifestyle and how to eat well. I'm NOT an expert, I never study nutrition or take any course. Only by the internet and my own experience that helped me to lose a... Continue Reading →

Snack for the long day

Be honest, not always have enough time to prepare food or snack for a busy day. I know myself very well for that if I don't pack something to snack, I will grab something junky, full of salt and sugar later. These energy balls are amazing. They are also vegan, raw, organic and gluten-free with... Continue Reading →


Sometimes no matter how hard I want to have a good session, I just don't have the energy to start with a fat burn cardio. But as the time goes, luckily I have more and more productive days than before, as you can see on the picture as well. During 20 minutes I burned 315... Continue Reading →

Goodby February

Tomorrow is already March, I can't believe it. I still doing great, keep going to the gym every week 5 times or 4 if it is a very busy one. My strength slowly improving, like I'm able to do 1min plank (usually between 45 second and 1 minute), uphold and bridge over a minute. Only... Continue Reading →

Progression review

My shoulder visibly getting better and I keep working on my strength. My first goal what I wish to achieve by April is one single pull up. At the moment I can barely hold myself for 30 seconds what is very sad for me, but everyone should start somewhere isn't it? I always check exercises... Continue Reading →

Shopping time

I decided to switch my old "unhealthy" ingredients for better options. I try to shop weekly and spread the cost of these new ingredients. I live in Edinburgh, and there is a shop on Hanover street (Hanover Health Food). They have such a wide range of products and the prices are good, better than in... Continue Reading →


Almost finished my first month, since I started to workout and eat healthily. I can see some little changes on my body, such as on my skin, hair. For me is already visible, but I know is just only the beginning. I manage to go every week to the gym 4-5 times, what is a... Continue Reading →

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